my second post

Hi! It’s Mrs Laine.

Since my last post, things have been very hectic. We have been married for over 8 years. We have had a lot of sex in the past. But the past week or so has been pretty amazing.

Since I have given myself to Mr Laine, I have found out some interesting things:

  1. He likes to fuck me (okay, I already knew this but had forgotten just a little bit!)
  2. He likes to spank me. He put me over his knee. He made me bend over the bed and spanked me with a belt. And was such a natural I had no pain the next day, and no marks! Clever boy!
  3. I like him to spank me. I am naughty after all, and deserve punishment.
  4. His stamina is amazing – until last night we had sex about four times each day. And he wanted it this morning (as did I) but I had to be Mrs Boring and ask for a reprieve because I was so sore.
  5. Being submissive is absolutely for me! Next, we are going to work out some rules. My darling and I need to work out:
    1. what do I call him?
    2. what are my responsibilities?
    3. what are the punishments if I don’t meet them?

Do  you have any advice? 

Please comment if you read! We are working on photos  . . .


introducing mrs laine

I am a sexual being, and always have been for as long as I can remember. I know even as a little girl I would dress up and feel excited even though I didn’t understand sexual excitement or erotic feelings.

When I met my husband, we had an instant connection. The first night we spent together we had hardly spoken but when we got in the bedroom, we fucked and fucked and fucked. He left early in the morning but later that day, we got together and fucked again, in his single bed. It has always been divine and hot. So hot. I crave his cock.

Two nights ago, I asked him if he would take control. I have been reading about submission and submissive wives and have given myself up to him. As I type, my pussy throbs. I am so excited to be his. We want to share with you. Will you join us?